My Portal To Leumaria.

November 22, 2006

On my many journeys I have travelled many roads. 

On one particular day, I was walking down a country lane going nowhere in particular, just out to enjoy the day.

As I turned a bend I saw a lady dressed in beautiful clothes of purple. I smiled and said ‘lovely day, isn’t it’?  She smiled back and came towards me. ‘Yes dear, it is a lovely day, a lovely day for you to begin your journey’. ‘My journey’? I enquired. ‘Yes, dear, your journey to Leumaria, here take this’.

She handed me a bag. ‘In the bag you will find talismans for your journey. A packet of dream seeds, some spectacles, a candlestick, a tiny anchor, a medallion with an imprint of a unicorn, set of wings and something only for you, which you will discover later’.

A little shocked and not seeming to want to sound ungrateful I thanked her and enquired as to why should I take this journey?  ‘It is for the best that you go dear, you need to take this journey, do not worry about things or people left behind that you should see or should do, there are no shoulds in Leumaria and there is no time, so no one will miss you or even know you have gone. Now it’s time to leave, what you need shall be provided, do not worry’.

Now intrigued and not having much to stay behind for, I decided take this journey and see where it would take me.  She ushered me to a path through the forest I heard water and then suddenly in front of me was a beautiful pool, surrounded with rocks, ferns and trees with a small waterfall.

‘You must cleanse yourself first, remove your clothing and swim in the magical pool, then stand under the waterfall when you are ready – it will renew your spirit, cleanse your soul and energies and prepare you for your journey.’

Feeling a little embarrassed, I did as instructed and stepped into the pool. It wasn’t cold but cooly inviting. I began to swim around the pool and under the water. In the waters depths beneath the surface I saw lights of different colours, then one came close to my eyes and I could see it wasn’t just a light but a coloured fairy!

I smiled at the fairy and then my eyes were opened, all the lights were fairies! They surrounded me and one by one touched me, as they did I felt more relaxed and calm and then I telepathically heard them say in unison – breathe – we have given you the gift to breathe underwater.

I was surrounded with such love and peace that I did not doubt there words at all and began to breathe under the water, somehow, the drawing in and out of this water added to my bliss and tranquility. I felt like I was being washed inside. The thought ‘Rivers of Living Water’, entered my head and I smiled now understanding it’s meaning.

The fairies and I happily swam around for what seemed like a long time, sharing the secrets of their magic pool. I was feeling young and carefree, peaceful and calm, energised and loved.

Suddenly, they all swarmed around me again and led me to a rock, in my mind I heard them say, it is time for the waterfall, you must leave us now. I was a little sad but did as I was bidden. I pulled myself up onto the rock and stepped under the waterfall, it’s white waters caressing my skin, invigorating my body.

As I stood there the water seemed to talking to me through the bubbles flowing over me. ‘Now you are purified, leave the cares of this world in these waters, for your journey is about to begin, these feelings you have experienced are now inside you, you can feel them any time in the future from this moment forth, now go to the lady, who is called Enchanteur, she will guide you from here.

I stepped out of the waterfall, across the rocks and made my way back to Enchanteur. Before I had reached her I was dry! ‘So you’re name is Enchanteur, it is fitting for you’, I said as I quickly dressed. ‘Yes dear, it is and thank you, I hope you enjoyed your magical dip and shower, now we must go’.

She led me away from the pool, to the rear. There was another path, I followed quietly taking in everything that had just happenned. Suddenly Enchanteur stopped. There in front of us was a lavender mist shaped like an arched doorway. Enchanteur turned to me and said, ‘through this portal is your beginning, you must step through the mist, do not fear, I shall be seeing you again shortly and watching over your travels’.

I looked into her eyes and went to say thank you Enchanteur but her thoughts interrupted me. All is well, dear, I shall see you soon, go now, she communicated to me as she handed me my bag.

I stepped into the mist feeling it’s dampness on my skin, I also felt enveloped in serenity and love, I kept walking and saw the light of day a few steps ahead.


Camelot Scribe.